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Established in 2002, Guangzhou Chengyi Furniture Co., Ltd, The factory covered an area of more than 20000 square meters. With more than 10 sets of international advanced production equipments, over 100 professional technicians, more than 10 professional R&D; staffs and senior managers, we have got the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. As a professional modern furniture enterprise, engaged in research, design, manufacture, sales and project, our main products include 4 series: partition wall, workstation, plywood furniture and steel products. Comfortable, innovative and functional, every piece of furniture is the combination of modern and classical, design and product. We are one of the most powerful manufacturers of office furniture in China.

With agents in most big and middle cities, our sales network has extended to all over the world. We can supply kinds of design proposals to customers for free. Five-year quality guarantee and free maintenance make you feel the most perfect after-sale service from Chengyi Furniture.

Taking “Practical, perfect, innovative” as our core value, depending on continuous development and strict management, Chengyi will always try to supply perfect, effective and fashionable working area for customers. Choosing Chengyi Furniture is to enjoy the high quality product and perfect service.

Chengyi’s service:

Before Service: We can supply professional furniture design, aiming to help customers plan the most economical and space-saving layout of the office.

Middle Service: Our professional engineers will follow the cooperation with customers to ensure the prompt delivery and correct installation of the furniture.

After Service: All of Chengyi’s furniture are entitled to a one-year free maintenance guarantee, 5-year life warranty and lifetime maintenance services.

Chengyi Furniture Co., Ltd aims to supply high quality products, people-oriented service, competitive price and effective maintenance for customers.


I. Core Spirit: people-oriented and maximize profits.

1. People-oriented. “People are the most precious in the world.” Chengyi’s enterprise culture insists on the idea that people are the most important resources, taking training and making talents as the core factor of the enterprise culture construction. Chengyi always keeps one principle, that is “suitable people do suitable things”. Build a platform for every staff to exploit the talents and have a chance to succeed.

2. Maximize profits. Chengyi’s enterprise culture aims to maximize profits by producing high quality products and controlling costs. It is necessary to guarantee a good profit, but also pay attention to moral. Not only focus on integrity management, and the pursuit of the goal of maximizing profits.

II. Enterprise principle: Loyalty, hard-working, innovation, development.

1. Loyalty. Loyal to the enterprise, pursue excellence and repay the society.

2. Hard-working. Keep long lasting power. In the past, hard work made us stand, now, hard work makes us strong, in the future, hard work will make us fly.

3. Innovation- the soul of enterprise development. Based on practice, only never-ending innovation can make our technology advance, new product generate, market exploration and management perfect. “Innovation is the soul of a nation, the inexhaustible motive of a country’s prosperity, also the source of the eternal vitality of political parties. To accelerate the construction of enterprise culture, it is necessary to pay attention to theoretical innovation, practical innovation, content innovation, form innovation. Such as, using polite words, carrying out get-togethers of staff families, praising all staffs, which all make the staff loyal, aggressive, innovative and dedicated.

4. Development. To greet the arrival of the era of knowledge economy, establish long-lasting development model, promote people-oriented, technology-led, revitalize the national office culture, to create superior office brand, in order to achieve the establishment of the community, customers, company’s long-term win-win-win development situation. Adhere to the spirit of enterprise throughout the product distribution, sales, direct marketing. “Using the strength to win the respect, to promote the development by image” is Chengyi’s spiritual support.

III. Enterprise’s business objectives: To strengthen the construction of enterprise culture by scientific ways.

1. The strengthen of the enterprise culture construction is not only the practical need to strengthen the enterprise and promote the healthy development, but also the inherent requirement to establish and implement the scientific concept of development. In the face of a common market, increasing competition between enterprises reflect the competition of enterprise and the competition of the concept of enterprise, entrepreneurship, enterprise culture, and other elements. To make an enterprise bigger and stronger, we should focus on two aspects: one is hardware: capital and technology, the other one is software: culture, intelligence, etc.

2. Insist on scientific ways. To celebrate the construction of enterprise culture by scientific ways, we should emphasize the content, not the form, emphasize the practice, not the theory, emphasize ourselves, not the copy. Take the construction of enterprise culture as a long-term and arduous task, combining the practice, therefore, transfer the manager’s management philosophy into every staff’s.

IV. Our vision: sustainable development to make a Chinese brand.

1. Image: Create a clean, environmentally friendly and harmonious working environment.

2. Brand: Brand reflects both one enterprise’s competitive forces and images. We make Chengyi Brand based on the construction of marketing culture. Build up strong brand awareness and bring brand education through brand design, marketing, engineering, installation and after-sales service.

3. Behavior: that is to transfer enterprise culture spirit into every staff’s behavior. Improve staff’s comprehensive quality by culture education and training. Carry out rich and colorful entertainment activities to constantly strengthen the team spirit of employees, increase the cohesion.

V. Marketing Strategy: Directed by industrial policy and market demand. Inside, self-adjust, outside, extend loose environment.

1. Growth and development are the important factors of company operation at present. We will strive for the nation’s preferential policy for furniture industry and concern about the variable market demands at any time. Taking customers’ needs as the first position.

2. The company starts an inner adjustment. Respect talents and make reasonable use of talents to establish correct talent view and good mechanism for talented people. From enclosed type management to open type, the employees can participate in the company’s management and speak their minds. Improve the system of management knowledge and learn to effectively control the increasing growth of the enterprise by team not by individuals.

VI. Enterprise purpose: Become top five industries, contributing to society ,colleagues and enterprise.

1. According to the mainstream of the times, build a harmonious relationship among customers, employees, shareholders and the society.

2. Supply effective and simple working area for customers; supply an ideal and good development platform; Create value to gain social respect and recognition.

VII. Enterprise Responsibility: To shape a healthy human environment, create a Famous brand in China.

VIII. Customer Philosophy: Exceed customers’ needs and make customers satisfied.

IX. Service Philosophy: Provide high quality service to pursue the perfect sales.

X: Team Management: Strict, harmonious and keep one’s promises.

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